Halifax Taxi Tours
Private Personal Narrated Tours

During times of Covid-19 your Safety, and Enjoyment is our concern.

Some Safety points include:

    1. Our Tour Vehicle will be Sanitized after every Tour.
    2. We will be encouraging guests to wear a Personal Face cover/Mask,
      If you don't have we will supply one.
    3. There will be Hand Sanitizer, Wipes and Kleenex in our Van.
    4. Avoiding physical contact between guide and traveler, no hugs/handshakes.
    5. Plan routes and itineraries to avoid crowds and busy periods where possible.

As we enter the (new normal) we recommend to continue to:

Wash/sanitize hands frequently.
Cough or sneeze only into a closed elbow
Avoid shared items.
Maintain physical distance between yourself and those outside your bubble.

Our goal on tour is to have the best experience and being prepared with best practice.
We hope that providing this reassurance to travelers will get us one step closer to returning to the (normal).